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Why Use A Motorcycle Courier?

Why Use A Motorcycle Courier?

By on Mar 30, 2021 in Our Blog |

Many people are sceptical about the use of motorcycles when it comes to transporting their important documents or goods. However, there are a number of reasons why we might encourage you to use a motorcycle courier over your standard car or van, providing the size of your goods is within reason.

Time Efficient

Here at Compass Couriers, we offer a same-day delivery service for your goods and documents. Our fleet of motorcycle couriers is a vital part of ensuring that we can offer this service. While they cannot go any faster on the roads than our other vehicles, they are only able to transport smaller goods, meaning that they will be more likely to be on hand to get to you quicker than alternatives.
Motorcycles have a great benefit in traffic too. The size of them allows them to legally filter through traffic. This means that should we be transporting your goods during rush hour, they can still filter through, and reduce the time that the delivery will take.

Reducing Costs

Many of you will already be aware that a motorcycle will use significantly less fuel, meaning that opting for a motorcycle courier can be considerably cheaper, when you are only transporting smaller items or documents.

Single Handler

Each of our courier services, including our motorcycle couriers, boasts a single handler. This means that only one person will handle your goods or documents from collection to delivery. Unlike a standard postal service, this reduces the room for error and losses across our entire service.

What Can Be Transported?

The capacity that a motorcycle can transport is somewhat limited by the size and weight of the items. This means that while they are a great source of transportation there are a number of restrictions.
Ideal goods for motorcycle couriers include paper documents, such as important documents that need urgent physical transfer rather than electronic transfer including forgotten passport transport. Computer media can also be transported via motorcycle, such as hard drives and compact drives.
Jewellery is also a viable item for transport on a motorcycle and will be insured up to £20,000.

For more information on our motorcycle courier services, please contact a member of our expert team today who will be able to advise you on details specific to your needs and requirements. You can also head over to our blogs for more information on our range of services including same-day and 1-hour collection.