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What Can I Use A Courier For?

What Can I Use A Courier For?

By on Mar 10, 2021 in Our Blog |

When it comes to using the general post to transport documents and goods across the UK, we have to consider the expense of posting without the guaranteed time frames that can be provided by private courier companies.

Important Documents

When it comes to using the standard postal service for important documents, while they do have a 24 hour signed for option, you are still running the risk of these items being delayed or misplaced. However, when you opt to have these documents transported via private courier they are taken from your door (or nominated collection point) and delivered to their destination at the hands of one individual courier. For the likes of such documents, we have a fantastic motorcycle courier service which is ideal for smaller items and documents.

Refrigerated Goods

There are a number of goods that require refrigerated courier services. From food goods, to a number of our health care partnerships. When it comes to moving goods that are required to remain at a lower temperature, our personalised service can help to keep your mind at ease that your goods will be delivered as they leave the collection point.

High Ticket Items

Each of our services ensures that your goods are insured up to £20,000, meaning that our couriers are well versed in transporting high ticket items. This has included artwork, jewellery, machinery, fragile goods and medical goods. These items are usually those that you would not trust with a standard postal service.

Large Items

When it comes to transporting either larger items or high quantity items using a standard service can become expensive. However, here at Compass Couriers, we don’t charge you the earth to transport your larger items around the UK. We even offer a 7.5-tonne lorry on our 24-hour courier service. Ensuring your goods get to their final destination in a timely manner, no matter how big they are.

For more information on the courier services available from Compass Couriers please contact a member of our expert team today. Keep an eye on our blogs for regular updates and information on our range of services and our coverage areas.