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Five Sectors That Have Been Helped By Compass Couriers

Five Sectors That Have Been Helped By Compass Couriers

By on Feb 15, 2021 in Our Blog |

Here at Compass Couriers, we’ve supplied courier services to a wide variety of clients across a wide breadth of industries. This has given our expertly trained couriers important experience, and made us more versatile to meeting our clients’ needs. If you’re considering whether we can help you, this blog should help as it explores five of our favourite case studies.

Which Industries Are Compass Couriers Used By?

As we’ve mentioned, over the years, our services have been called upon for a wide variety of industries. Each of these industries has taught us something new and made us more prepared for our next project. This is important to us as our couriers are continuously striving to improve our customer experience. Our couriers work tirelessly to ensure that our clients needs are not just met, but then exceeded. The industries that we’ve worked for so far include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Solicitors and Law Firms
  • Graphic Designers and Print Companies
  • Retailers and Manufacturers
  • I.T and Electronics
  • Engineering and Utility Companies

We are incredibly proud of all of the work that we’ve done for our clients, especially those that come with special delivery instructions and added requirements. To go into more detail, we’ve picked five of our favourite case studies to share with you.

Medical Couriers

Our confidentiality and experience has meant that our clients in the medical industry have entrusted us with some of the most high pressure work that we do.

Our couriers are often expected to transport organs for transplant surgery and get blood samples to labs in perfect condition to tight deadlines. This work comes with a lot of pressure, as speed is of the essence. However, our couriers have consistently delivered on these expectations to become regular couriers for medical groups.

Confidential Documents

A number of our clients require the delivery of very important, confidential information. For example, our accounting clients often require us to deliver last minute returns to Companies House in Cardiff. Our clients in law also regularly use us to carry confidential information from door to door in a secure manner.

Both of these clients have been extremely satisfied with our services and continued to use us for future projects. Our couriers are expertly trained in delivering confidential and valuable goods in a timely and professional manner.

Meeting Tender Deadlines

One of our clients came to us, perplexed at what was going wrong with their tender applications. They were experiencing a very low uptake which they feared was down to their overnight carrier failing to meet deadlines. As a result, they asked us to take over their overnight deliveries and since then, their results have dramatically changed for the better.

It is no coincidence that since they started using Compass Couriers, they have received a much greater success rate for their bids.

Urgent Deliveries

There are a wide variety of circumstances where urgent deliveries have been required. One of our most common examples involves redelivering urgent items that have been delivered to the wrong place.

In addition, we’ve lost count of how many passports we have been asked to collect and deliver to the airport. We can also drop visa applications off at the Embassy and arrange to collect them immediately as soon as they’re ready.

Coordinating Large Scale Deliveries

Our couriers always relish a challenge and it’s this attitude that has driven us to complete some of our most impressive work. This was best exemplified in a project that we completed for one of our clients in the print industry.

We received a very urgent request for the collection and delivery of urgent printing material to over 140 different locations in the UK, all before close of business that very same day. In order to complete the request, we used and coordinated our national network of couriers to ensure each item was delivered and signed off on by 5pm.

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